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"When purpose is not known, Abuse is inevitable."
Steven :)



The call to pray “in Jesus’ name” was not a call to tack 3 words on the end of our prayers. It was a call to pray in a way that matches His heart.

If you love someone and buy something in their name, it’s something that person would love. Likewise when we pray in Jesus’ name, we pray in line with the things He loves—the Father, humanity, and the Kingdom.

❝Live everyday like Jesus is coming back soon, because He is.❞
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things i should do more often

  • wake up and thank God for giving me another day
  • look in the mirror, smile, and acknowledge that i’m beautiful
  • love myself
  • love others
  • pray, read the Bible, worship. 
  • spread the Gospel
  • watch my cursing
  • drink more water
  • appreciate life
  • thank God for everything

a year later and everything on this list is still relevant.